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Welcome to Stone Cottage Designs.

I am Barbara Douglas, owner, operator and chief bottle washer at Stone Cottage Designs. I know… I am showing my age using old adages like that, but still, they are true enough. When I teach a beginning dying class, I am the one standing at the sink, at the end of the day, washing out all the bottles and dye pans that accumulate.

I opened Stone Cottage Designs in 1999 after leaving a long term job with a big box fabric store. I desired to not only be my own boss, but to be more creative. Blah uniforms, and cookie cutter work spaces, just were not doing it for me anymore.

My quilt designing days began many years before, as I created quilts for family weddings and baby showers. At the age of 8, my grandmother started me off with square cardboard template, a pencil, some scrap fabric and a pair of scissors. She then taught me how to hand piece my first 9-Patch quilt block. But, it was when I found out that I could piece quilts on the sewing machine that I also found out that I was hooked! I was a Quilter!

I struggled with a name for my little 'cottage' industry. I threw out many ideas, like Turkey Creek Creations; it was a plausible idea, given that we have an old creek bed running behind our house and wild turkeys roaming through the yard, but it had too much of a 'country' ring to it, and my designs are a little too eclectic to fit in that category. I finally settled on Stone Cottage Designs. It still had ring to it, but I considered it a 'homey' ring, since we live in an 75+ year old stone cottage. In this house I create traditional style quilt patterns, some less traditional style patterns, and some wildly eclectic fiber art, just for me. So it fits; home is where I do my favorite work. It not only houses my design businesses, but also my husband's fondness of woodworking.

We share the basement work rooms that we fondly call the dungeon. Once the children were out of the house I confiscated the old family room with its quirky fireplace, rock walls and knotty pine ceiling. This adds a unique backdrop and warmth to my working environment and to the classes that I teach there. And, for new students, it is always a great conversation starter.

So welcome, not only to Stone Cottage Designs, but to our stone cottage home, as well!

Barbara Douglas


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